Is my relationship healthy?

I'm not happy in my relationship. My boyfriend doesn't open up to me, but opens up to other people. He doesn't emotionally express himself, and when I am asking for emotional support he can't give it to me. He only wants to make me happy and for us to always be happy. After we argue, he comes back the next day like nothing happens and always wants to hang out. When I tell him that I don't like how he doesn't tell me everything, he says that he doesn't tell everyone everything so he then asks me what makes me any special or different? He tells me if I cannot handle that he doesn't tell me everything and that he doesn't open up to me, that I "know where the door is". I cannot handle how he doesn't want to compromise. I can't have his trust that if he couldn't tell me something that would bother him now, that he would at least tell me later. I lack emotional intimacy with this man. I don't know if I'm over reacting.
Is my relationship healthy?
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