How do I get over this?

I've never had a girlfriend my entire life to be honest. A few months ago I started hanging out with this girl who is a single mom and her sister. She was very flirtatious and touchy with me for a few months. I didn't like her at all before. But as I got to know her more I opened myself to her and let her in. It eventually led to me working up my nerves to ask her out. Her response was that she pretty much rejected me and said that she wasn't looking for someone at the time. She said I was cute and that I am a great guy, etc. I understand her view but what really got me was her flirty attitude with me. Now I have to see her on a weekly basis and it is awkward AF. She is very moody and now she doesn't even say hi to me. How do I get past this let down. My family, friends, say you don't want to be involve with a single mom anyway ( no offense), and that there is someone out there for you. It hurts me mentally because she is the first female I asked out and was rejected.

How do I get over this?
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