I asked for my boyfriends phone is that wrong?

so I asked for my boyfriends phone today because I don't trust his actions lately. for a number of reasons. well one he never wants to hang out me anymore (and we live together) which I get it he probably needs guy time. okay, now he went off on a road trip randomly with his friends. that's another thing. he's now smoking a lot of pot and he used to not smoke at all. another reason is he gets out of work, he works at a bar and he stays there for hours. now okay so I don't trust him. I just wanted a little piece of mind. now let me just let you know he's gone through my phone many times he has an app on his phone that allows him to see every text I send. okay. now fast forward. here we are today and I asked for his phone and he says no. and then I ask him why not? he said that I should trust him and I shouldn't need to look at his phone. There's something odd going on right? I'm not just some crazy girl. ugh. I'm sorry I need some help here.


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  • He's a massive hypocrite if he looks through your phone and even has an app for it but then says you have to trust him with his.

    Yeah something is definitely up.

    • I'm glad I'm not just crazy, I forgot to add we haven't had sex in like 2 months.

    • I'd never put up with crap like that. Make him delete the app off his phone and tell him from now on he has to trust you. Or just dump him.

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  • I consider that unfair. I mean, he can see your texts, yet you cannot see his? You have every right to ask him for his phone.
    If he refuses, do it sneakily.
    Terrible advice, but that's what I would do.


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  • I tell you this. There are a couple of signs to tell you if he a cheater.
    1. He's either always thinking you're cheating or accusing you of cheating.
    2. He wanting you to tell him every single thing you did during the day but refuse to do the same.
    Whether or not you apply this to your boyfriend is up to you. If anything just try to sit down and talk to him. Most relationships fail at communicating. Both partners tend to leave a lot things unsaid.

  • Get rid of that app, it's not going to help you.

    • lol I'm not the one with the app, he is

    • Is there a way to make it not work on your phone?

    • no its our phone carrier, its a smart limits app or something

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