How am I going to find a girl that has never had a romantic bond with a guy (whether officially or unoffocially)?

I am 22 and I want me and a girl to be each other's first loves. Meaning she has never had a romantic bond with a guy (whether that mean a past boyfriend or a boy from her past who were best friends and had feelings for each other).

Then the challenge next is winning her heart.


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  • Wow, I'm so surprised I found a guy to write this! Honestly, I want the same thing and find it rare to find a guy that feels the same way I do. I feel like in this generation things are very different and very few people have respect and moral values. People date just to date and do not realize that when they get themselves into a relationship they are either going to break up or get married.

    • You can't know whether or not someone is right for you until you give the relationship a chance. But you don't have to have a ton of partners in order to find a good match. Expecting your very first relationship to last forever, though, is a long shot. It works out for some people but it's rare, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    • @samhradh_leannan I agree.

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  • It won't be easy, but the best thing you can do is try to use online dating to narrow down your options.

    But honestly, I'd encourage you to rethink this criteria. If you make this a priority, it's going to make it a lot more difficult to find someone you're compatible with. The idea of sharing a mutual first love might seem romantic, but if it's manufactured, doesn't that take the charm away? Plus, being first loves won't necessarily give your relationship a better chance of working out. In fact, it might even do the opposite- relationships take practice, just like anything else, and having some experience isn't a bad thing. And, in my experience, it's harder to appreciate a relationship with someone when you have nothing to compare it to.

    • But when comparing a current SO to a past SO, you would ve conparing that past SO for what he was in the PAST. How fo you know he wouldn't be a better lover now. Plus, her past SO got to share their youth together. Versus me, it is too late for that.

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    • "I'm grateful every single day that our relationship ended, because it has allowed me to find someone who is a better match for me and who makes me even happier."

      How do you know getting back with your first love wouldn't be a more sweeter or happier ending? How do you know your current SO is better? Remember, you are making a comparison of your current SO and your past ex for what he was in the PAST.

    • People change, but usually, they don't become a completely new person. And even if they do become a totally different person, who's to say that those changes will necessarily make them more compatible with me, let alone better than my current partner who compares so favorably? The chance that my ex, who I've now realized to be totally wrong for me, will suddenly become my dream partner, seems incredibly slim. It's not realistic, logical, or productive to even entertain that possibility. Plus, I have no romantic feelings towards my ex anymore and I'm totally in love with my current boyfriend. Even if my ex has changed in a positive way, that won't make him better than my current partner, or bring back feelings from the past. It doesn't matter that he may have changed, or that he might be a better lover than he was in the past. It's irrelevant.

  • I will explain I have dated before, thought was in love but I think real love is different so maybe if she has dated you can still be her first love, or you will find someone who has not had that bond or any dating as it is possible


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  • Try in India (my home country). It's so sexually repressed that you can often find women (and men) in their late 20s or early 30s with no romantic or sexual experiences at all.

    • You have some really beautiful girls in India and then you have the ones that look like trolls.

    • Well... every country has it's share of attractive, average and unattractive people. But if you are looking for a girl with no romantic or sexual experience at your age, India is your best best. Even mentioning the word 'sex' is frowned upon there! :P