How to kiss a guy, step by step?

i have no expirience and have a feeling like my boyfriend wants to do the first kiss.


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  • When you're together, make sure you're somewhere where people won't barge in. Sit close. If you think he wants to do it, he'll initiate. Just smile a lot, look at his eyes, his lips. When he does lean in, be gentle, don't try to go fast like in the movies or you'll crash noses (it hurts). Move your head in the opposite direction, diagonally. When you're 5-10 cm apart, close your eyes. If you want to french kiss, don't shove your tongue in. Gently kiss first, then slowly enlongate the kissing until you feel bold enough to lick his bottom lip. (Asking for entrance) Then slowly "enter" with your tongue I guess? Don't just spin it around, don't move too quickly, respond to his movements.

    That's kind of how my kiss went, only he did most of the hard work because he had kissed before.

  • Follow his lead. Don't use a lot of tongue. Don't use your teeth.