How do you tell if there is chemistry? Is it always mutual?

I've been getting back into the dating thing after a 15 year hiatus. I've experienced the spark by making eye contact with certain girls and they seem to blush or act in interesting ways. Also when I felt that it felt like we were subconsciously communicating that we would want to have sex, or at least comfortable to do so. Is this actually chemistry? Is this feeling important for happy long term marriages? Is it always mutual?


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  • You can sort of feel it.
    "Is it mutual?"
    Not always.


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  • Sometimes it automatic bro , but sometimes people don't make good first impression!

    • You know, I have this high status girl wanting me badly, she moved so fast towards me and I feel like, I just don't want to move that fast and also I've felt weird dancing with her, like she's not my type.

    • Maybe you don't feel the same way about here

    • She is around 40-41, she is near the end of her biological clock that may explain her behavior. I am also talking with another girl who I had a massive spark with from just looking in her eye and I could tell she was in her moment dancing with me.

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