So, how the fuck do I get that third date?

I take care of myself, i might not be the most "proper" looking girl, but for the most part i look good. Working out and eating healthy is second nature to me, so im fit, but curvy. I try my best to make my hair look nice and i try to wear nice clothes.

I can be talkative, one on one, but i tend to be more reserved in bigger groups. Besides that im a nice person who enjoys joking around.

If you dont count the fact that i can barely have a conversation with a guy im attracted to (that im unsure of is interested in me), i would say im a good catch in many aspects. The guys that normally approach me are often guys im not attracted to, the few cute guys that is interested in me and vice versa, where we actually end up going on a date with, it doesn't work out. Either they or I lose interest quite early on, the most amout of date i have been on with one guy is two. Note: this happens maybe once or twice a year.

At this point i would just love to go on a third date with a guy.. i never had a relationship, im not very experienced at all (Still a virgin) and i would love to date someone where sex is on the table. Im young, i look good, i feel like this is the time to be doing this, but it doesn't seem to happen for me.

So, how the fuck do i get a third date?


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  • I got confused on the part where you said, "if you don't count the fact that I can barely have a conversation with a guy I'm attracted to (that I'm unsure of is interested in me)." So.. if there's a guy you're attracted to, you can barely talk to him? That could play a part in this. I don't know what you look like, but if the girl is unable to talk much (at least for me), it could things possibly awkward. And what happens after the second date? Just no contact?

    • Ot was badly worded, but if I find a guy very attractive, I find myself barely having anything to say to him because I get so self concious and nervous. BUT of the guy is "just" cute and he is friendly that not really an issue. the last guy I went on a date with was really cute, but I also knew he was interested, so it made me less nervous to talk to him. After the second date we will message ecother for a few days, suddenly the start using much longer time to reply, hours, so I assume they lost interest and I dont bother message them anymore

  • You're right about being the right age for this but how exactly are you dressing on these first dates and what are you really talking about?

    • i wear clothes that show of my figure without showing skin. So i'll wear a somewhat thight top, but i won't show arms or cleavage for example. And i talk about anything that naturally fits in the convesation, and normally the first dates goes great and the guy seem to be so into me. For example. the latest guy i went on a date with,, after the date he expressed he wanted to meet me again, texted me 30 min after the date, texted me the next day. We were joking around and i was pretty sure there was going to be date nr two. Then the weekend came and he suddenly started using ages to answer.

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    • No, I have no reason to tell them. and it depends, but they are for the most part 23 years or older

    • Oh so that's not an issue for them since they don't know and they aren't much older so it's really hard to say, if I saw a picture I might be able to say more but this is odd why never get a second often and never a third

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