Girl likes me but I'm not physically attracted to her, I'm still keeping her as a friend but should I?

well for the first time a girl is actually attracted to me and it's not a joke. She's a senior and she said she liked how mature I was (I'm shocked because girls kept telling me I'm a nerd, who would have guessed someone at this school has sense) anyways I'm not really physically attracted to her because she's kinda on large side (no offense but I'm like a twig) so what should I do? I said I'd be her friend and that I was trying to stay independent but really I'm looking around everyday. In my mind I said maybe one of her friends would like me but that seems cruel


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  • Hun take what you can get. As you even said she's the first who liked you

    • I'm not willing to just settle I mean I have been alone all this time so it won't kill me... maybe...

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