Am I being clingy?

Im always the first to snap my girlfriend first and am always the last one to go to bed because I like to talk to her. She takes time to respond but I never take more than a minute. We talk every day for a couple of hours on end and it's always the same system. And I'm always the one who wants to hang out and sets stuff up. Should I back off?


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  • Well, she sure is lucky. Most guys aren't really into being the ones to set dates with their girlfriend. Its usually the opposite. Its nice to see guys like out here. But I do feel that you should back off a bit, let her do some work in the relationship also.


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  • Hmm sounds a bit like me bro... I'm intrigued with the answers


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  • Give it a break, see if she messages you. If I start to feel like Im the only one initiating the conversation every single time I'll wait for a while and see how long they'll take to initiate the conversation themselves. If they don't even bother or take over half a week Im usually out unless I know they're busy. Or I won't ask them out for a very long time until they ask me if we wanna do something.
    Im personally a little clingy but I know my boundaries. Im often the one who comes up with ideas on what to do and places to go, but at times I'll keep off to see if they would do the same so Im not always the one putting the effort and feel like Im the only one driving this thing.

    Generally its just a way to see how high you really are on their priority list. A relationship shouldn't be a one way thing, its a two way thing. And if one is putting far far less effort into the relationship than the other then it might be that the relationship doesn't matter as much as you thought it did to them. Its hard to notice especially when you like them so much, you almost become blinded, thinking "but I thought it was all going so well?" when you were the one enjoying the relationship/company the most.

  • Yes, you should. I recently did that.
    Time for you to move on.

    • Move on? Its a good relationship and I think she's having fun. Why would I move on?

    • If you haven't noticed, you the only one putting in effort, or that is what it looks like. The way you wrote your question made me think about that.

    • That's on me. I'm just in a bit of a bad mood. She puts in effort from what I can tell

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