What should I take a leap of faith ansbfollow my gut or keep my options opened?

I met this guy I will call him Joe, Joe and I met back in October at comedy night club. we exchanged numbers he lives in a city 4 hours away from me he came with the performers. I didn't hear from him for a few days after the show, he messeged 4th of November and we have been talking everyday since via text and phone calls. we had very serious conversarions from the beginng regarding relationships, wht we are looking for the type of partner we want etc.

We had very personal discussions as well. Not long after those discussio s he pretty much he wants me ti be his. He said from when he saw I just caught his attention and it was love at first sight for him. i was sceptical in the past I have heard all of it before and disnt work out and I even told him this is all to good to be true. I told him if he really is serious he has to earn my trust and have some pateince with me becuase I dont want to be hurt. He said he would never hurt me we will make thibgs work, he has told me he likes the city that I live in amd he woyld move here. Again since then we have talked everyday I asked him when would we meet and he said when ever I wanted to and I told him as soon as he has a weekend off he said he'll make it happen. I really feel different about him there is just a good gur feeling I have about him but in the back od my jead it still lingers is it to good to be true?

Now you see I had a date about 2 weeks ago with a different guy it was casual just dinner nothing else. That guy has since asked me if I am free this Friday. I haven't really answered it. I feel guilty if I go because I feel more invested in Joe and he is very invested in me. Ans this other guy hasn't made much effort like Joe. Joe lives 4 hours away self employed he xreated his own company and works 6 days a week and makes more effort to communicate and make me feel like he want me for me then this other dude who lives ib my city.

Im not sure if I should take a leap of faith and follow my gut/intuition

What should I take a leap of faith ansbfollow my gut or keep my options opened?
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