I'm mad at my girlfriend. Do I have a right to be mad or am I just being pissy? And should I do anything?

She lied to me about having to work today (when I asked her what days she wanted to hang out (now we're hanging out on Sunday)). And I'm stressing out about exams, and really want someone to talk to but she's just not there for me. What should I do? Should i say anything to her?

And most of this is just me being in a bad mood. It's probably not as bad as I'm making it sound, but I just really want to talk to her, and it seems like she doesn't want to talk to me, putting me in a bad mood.


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  • if you confront her about lying to you about work it can go two ways... she'll be completely honest.. or make up another lie (i know this might not help.. but it's how it goes)

    You should tell her.. say you need sometime with her to get your mind off exams.. your suppose to be able to communicate in a relationship. and if she just isn't happening with the whole talk to me/spend time with me.. maybe you should talk to friends.. try it.


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  • Yes you should talk to her, communicate with her, and express what your feelings are, "honey, I was upset, and sad, i felt disconnected from you last night, i needed to talk to you and you just weren't available for me, i have exams next week and we can't hang out on Sunday, let's just leave it for some other day".

    • Great advice! But I've only got exams this week. Do you think i should cancel for this Sunday anyways?

    • Totally, don't put her on a pedestal, don't worship her like some sort of goddess, she should be mature enough to notice that you are focused on your life goals, you want to graduate, you want to build a great future and progress in life, it's one weekend anyway, but your exams cannot wait, not even a day.

      by the way i forgot to mention you have to confront her on her lies, no good comes from a relationship built on lies.

    • Very true, but I am done with my exams tomorrow. Should I still cancel Sunday? Show her what its like? Itd be a bit petty but I feel a bit petty right now haha

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  • Tell her how you feel. What's the point in having a relationship if she isn't there for you?


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  • Lying is unacceptable, but if you can't handle the truth then people will lie to you. Anyway if she's avoiding you then the relationship isn't going to work. Either you are too needy or she's just not that into you.

    • She just didn't want to hang out with me I'm guessing. I would have been ok with it if she would have told me but, like you said, lying is unacceptable

    • it's not necessarily a deal-breaker. Lots of people grow up in angry households, and lying is necessary to survival. This can become a habit that continues after they leave home. You can help her by letting her know that she can just tell you the truth and it will be fine, you may be disappointed but you won't be angry.