Girls, should I keep trying when I recieve a response like this?

So, I asked a girl out 5 weeks ago who I have been somewhat friends with for 4 years now, and I got an odd response. We both are in band, robotics, and we both are in advanced classes. I was just wandering three things:
1: what does this mean and is it sarcatic, lying, or truthful? (just best guess)
2: if you were her, would you be alright with me asking again, or some other follow up question?
3: should I tell her that I can wait or that we can be friends until we can date?
What she said:
"I am sorry, (insert my name), but my parents won't let me date, but maybe we can still be friends."

-Thank you to all who respond,

slight chamce i forgot to imclude that i already know that she can't date, but i am curious about the sorry part.


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  • 1. It could either be lying or truthful. When I was 15 I wasn't allowed to date at all. I was actually in the same situation as you, I had a guy friend who I had known for 4 or 5 years at the time who wanted to date me but I couldn't because my parents. We're dating now tho, 4 years later lol.
    The way to tell if its a lie is straight up ask her. Or, if you're really good friends like I was with my boyfriend, go over to her house and observe her family dynamic
    2. I would be alright with you asking again, or a follow up question. Just don't KEEP asking it, ask it once again and drop it for a few weeks or so.
    3. Say you can be friends until you can date, but don't promise to wait for her. Say you'll be open to a relationship when she's ready but don't commit yourself to waiting.

    Sorry my answer is so long but I feel because I was in this exact situation like 4 years ago or so, and I was in the girls shoes. It's tough when your family doesn't want you to date. But if it helps my boyfriend and I had a great relationship after waiting all those years.

    • Also we were in band and all AP classes lol so I see the parallel

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    • Oh, and the chat would be on here. just clearing that up

    • Yeah sure! sorry it was late for me last night and I fell asleep

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  • I'm really sorry but when girls give a response like that it's kind of an excuse to not go out with you, if y'all have like a really good friendship then just focus on that and then let nature takes it course, and if she never ends up liking you remember there are other girls out there and you don't have to keep trying with the first girl you see, I hope your relationship works out in your favor

    • i appreciate your response, and more importantly, your honesty. nobody has been really that open to answering that queastion before now. is it sad that i still feel like i can't except what i know to be the truth. i did not even cry or be disheartened when i originally heard the response she gave

  • To be very honest I thinks she's not interested in you but still wants you as her friend tho. I mean if she felt anything at all for you she would've done something, thrown signs (you've been friends for quite a long time). I don't think you should ask her out again (well not this soon) because trust me when you love someone you would definitely date him/her even against your parents will. If she liked you she would have told you after you asked her out. You can tell her that you'll wait but don't act needy because it's just gonna make your friendship really awkward! When reading her message, the "maybe" sounds really indecisive to me i mean why should your friendship be broken? And her "sorry" is most likely only to be polite.
    Honestly , you should try to move on and try to preserve your friendship with her. You'll find the right one, and who knows maybe she'll have feelings for you eventually, but don't like wait for her. Live your life.

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