Tinder match, how to win the girl?

I just came across a girl on Tinder and she can't even be real. Good profile, similar interests, and on top of it, she's gorgeous. Perfect in fact! An unabashed Super Like, no hesitation. I shortly got a message that we matched! There's no possible way... 😳

How do I get the girl? I'm skeptical though, her pics are very good quality and her distance away is way out of the usual range. I'd travel the globe to meet a girl like that but still, I see some red flags here that this could be bogus. Any ideas? You have to take a chance though. I mean I just made a comment about her profile and tried keeping it classy.


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  • 1) You can't like her just because of looks. Looks will change over time. 2) Get her to Skype with you so you can see if she is like her photos and to get to know her personality and etc. 3) If you wanted to you can try to stalk other social media to see if you can find more pictures of her


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  • Go for it, you might be wrong.
    I got an email from this guy in Nigeria, he said he wanted to send $1,000,000 money to my account in America prior to him coming here. I thought it was crazy, but, figured I'd I might as well give it a try. So I did. Now I am a millionaire and me and him are great friends. Best thing I ever did.

    The moral of this story is, sometimes, if something is too good to be true. It might be true. It isn't like there are people out there trying to screw you over and make your life miserable. Most people want you to be happy.

    • The fudge man? How do you just get someone to hand you a million bucks? lol 😂

    • Lots of lies out there with these scams. But some of them aren't scams. I got lucky.

    • Scams are generally easy to spot too, if you've got an eye for it. There must've been something that made you think, nah this could be real!

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  • Message her. That's really all you can do. Worst that'll happen is she won't respond or it's a bot.

    Besides even if you do match with a girl you think is gorgeous, never act like she's out of your league. That's defeatist and just be happy you have mutual attraction that way.

    • Likely a bot... I haven't acted like she is out of my league either. I did message her. Guess I did my part lol.