Did my crush have a friends with benefits or BF?

I am wondering if my crush had a friends with benefits or an actual relationship.

She has a busy life, so I think they only met up once a week max. Sometimes just at his place to eat and drink too.

He was the typical low life, dead end job, athletic body, and my crush told me that she didn't see a future with him... Why would she say that and stay with him?(for a year after)

Do people in relationships only see each other once a week?

However, I don't think she is the type... Some examples I think she was in a relationship are:

They did go to events together, went out for food, and were together for 3-4 years... She was also really heartbroken when it ended? Would you be heartbroken if you lost a fwb?

Was it a friends with benefits thing? or More?

I think they met of Plenty of Fish 4 years ago.


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  • It sounds like she had feelings for the guy and they weren't reciprocated. It was nothing more than a friends with benefits situation but she probably wanted more.

    And couples typically see each other more than once a week.

    Get used to girls liking those kinds of guys, they usually seem to win them over somehow.

    • He could easily do better than her... Do you think he was just using/playing her?

      Why would she say that she didn't see a future though?

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    • She is just average to him... He hits the gym everyday, and has a muscular body.

      I can tell by looking, he probably has no problem getting a girl.

      My crush is pretty, I love her... but there are hotter girls than her.

      I know girls lie... I'm just overthinking now, I really don't know if it was friends with benefits or not.

      Why would she stay for 3 years and be really sad after, and not really date anyone else? She was only with him...

    • I guess it doesn't matter, she loved him? I guess

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