Did I do the right thing? Why is she so butthurt?

She gave me signs , and wanted me to walk up to her and talk to her, but i did not.

She started to flirt with other dudes,

Now, i saw this i decided she is out, then, other women came upto me and started flirting with me and we had great conversation.

And that woman looked so jealous and p1ssed, as if she is going to burn from inside?

Did I do the right thing?

  • Yes you did the right thing, If she liked you , she should have come closer to u like these girls have done. Let her sulk, you have fun with other women.
  • You should have gone upto her and talked to her, its man's job.
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  • She's tight because people want what they can't have. With you talking to these other girls, she felt, in a sense, threatened

    • What should I do?

    • If you like her, straighten things out with her.
      If not, then why should it matter.

  • You should have pissed all over her fucking face

  • To me, women should be less of that stupid gender roll. If she's interested, enough of that signal stuff. I find them too subtle.

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