Stood up could this just be a test?

I've been dating a woman for a week now and as of tonight I'm a bit confused. We met and hit it off she came around for drinks and we kissed before she left. Since she's been around several times and we've kissed when greeting and when leaving no sex.
we've been texting every day and she has said that she loves my company and that she does like me. We planned for her to come over tonight as soon as I put my girls down as I'm a single dad. So when my kids were asleep at 9 I message her and she said she was at her brothers and she would text me before she came over I said ok. I waited several hours then got a text saying sorry for standing you up! I'm not sure how to answer I've been hurt immensely in the past and may have some trust issues as to why I'm here. I do like this woman. Also I know she has been hurt in the past also as it has come up in our conversations. could this be a test? Or could she not be serious about me? I'm not quite sure how to handle this?

Stood up could this just be a test?
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