Should I text him?

So I really REALLY like this guy and I really miss him because I haven't seen him in forever. But recently I ran into him while shopping at Macy's and we walked around the mattress section for an hour talking about what's new in our lives. I didn't realize until then how much I really missed him. I've had a crush on him for almost a year and I think he knows that I like him too (because I suck at hiding my feelings. I can't help but smile and blush when I'm around him). I really want to be with him and it's starting to drive me crazy. I want to tell him my true feelings for him, but in person so I want to send him this text message but I don't know if it's good. "Hey *crushes name*, remember how I said if you would ever like to go get coffee sometime? Well, I'm serious about that, I would like to talk to you about something in person and not over text messages or inside the mattress section of Macy's haha. Please let me know and get back to me soon. Thanks." (I don't want to sound desperate)
I don't want to tell him my true feelings for him over text message. I feel as though telling someone I feel is more of an "in person" type situation. I really care for him and I just want to be by him and make him smile that sweet smile he has. Should I text him?
Should I text him?
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