Is he serious for a relationship "with ME"?

Hello everyone this is my first post here! I am an Asian girl and I am Dating with a European man.
There is some details about what was happened in previous. We are dating over a months (we met 3 months ago) and we are starting to understand each other. Since we are dating, he let me know he have to work in somewhere because his businesses is in other countries. We spent not a long time together before and now he have to go away because of his businesses.
The last time we met because he had a birthday, then he invited me and I came to his place (we are in different cities.). I spent for a week accompanied with him stay together.
Actually since we are "Dating", and we KNOW we need to be separated because of his businesses. ( I support him to do anything what he wants). And before I left in last time, he TOLD ME he is starting to understand me and we were talking about future (we both want to have a family, living in somewhere... etc) more about what we want or can do together/ how to arrange the schedule we can stay together...
Also he invites me again go to his place, because he will stay in somewhere for a while. And i asked him: "Do you want to stay with me? " he said, "Sure, of course! " Meanwhile, I have some plans I need to do in this moment, so i didn't answer him in previous time. Finally he said, he WOULD give me enough time let me to plan more.
We keep chatting in Whatsapp. And he said (in whatsapp), "Hope to see you soon again."

He is my first european man who is dating. Also I know what is the "Dating" means.

So... I would like to know, Does he want to be serious with me? (that why he invites me again?)
Or just say it politely, then he find another girls?
Is he serious for a relationship "with ME"?
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