She wants me to have feelings for her, but calls me friend?

I liked her before, and she rejected me. And now, after I broke up with my girlfriend, we're talking again, and she asked if I still have feelings. I told her yes, and I asked if it was bad. She said no, and she said that any girl would be lucky to have me, and she's lucky she met me. She talks about us going on vacations together and dating again. But when I told her I might get crazy about her and fall for her again, she says that's not a good idea... then when I thanked her today about making me feel better, she said "That's what friends are for" ... Why is she being confusing? What do I need to do?


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  • Honestly she just wants a guy pinning after her but she sort of feels bad when you express it. Just move on. She's never going to be yours unfortunately


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  • Dude you're the one who is confused, the fuck are those questions you asked her?

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