Guys: If you asked a girl out, would you plan the date or would you say "it's up to you" and have her plan where she wants to go?

Please write me your opinions! Especially shy gentlemen! Also.. let me know what physical contact you would do to a girl on a first date if you feel you both connected/liked each other.

  • 1) If I asked her out, I will pick the location/activity.
  • 2) If I asked her out, I would tell her to let me know what she wants to do/go.
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Also... would shy guys initiate texting a girl that they were interested in?


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  • I'm pretty shy. I'd say something along the lines "Would you like to go on a date with me to X______, unless you had somewhere else in mind."

    • This gentlemen from the south said how we should hangout sometime. Then he said something to the effect of "think about what you would like to do and we will make it happen." I said "you think too" and he said, "Me think? It's up to you."

    • He probably just really wants to do something that you would enjoy.

    • Okay, thank you!

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  • It really depends. If i k ow her well enough that i know what shed enjoy most id plan it out but if were new friends ill pry ask her what she wants to do because i want her to enjoy the date for many reasons, if she's having fun and is interested in what were doing then it takes pressure if me trying to be interesting, it will make her want to do it again because who wants to go on a date with a guy they just went on a boring one with. And im not worried about ne having fun because if she's worth going on a date with ill have fun as long as im with her

  • Well, I would have a couple ideas in mind that I would run by her, but I would be open to what ever she says. I'm easy.


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