Should I ask her if she has a boyfriend? Or ask someone else?

Like If there is a girl you like, and you think that she may like you too, but you think she may have a boyfriend, should you ask her yourself or ask someone else like one of her close friends?

  • ask her
  • ask her friend
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What Girls Said 1

  • U can either, ask indirectly. For example u see her talking or playing around with another guy, (u know they are just classmates, thus u have a feeling she likes u) u can just ask "is he ur bf?" And make it sound casual and not too direct. Or u can always ask her friends if u feel comfortable with that


What Guys Said 1

  • Lmao ask her. Then ask her friend.. If her answer was "yes," but yet her friends answer was "no." Well then.. "Theres your answer" 😬 haha. No? That there's a chance she doesn't like you... But I mean girls arn't always honest regardless of whatever the situation may be so even if this happens still try. Besides I dont know your guyses situation? So.. But do this 😉😛 I wish you the best^

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