Is Tinder a good way to get started dating?

I'm 19 and I want to start dating, I don't want to hook up with people. I've heard tinder is primarily for hooking up with girls but I've also heard you can also find "girlfriend material" girls (you know what I mean). I want to start using tinder because I'm to anxious to approach anyone in real life. I'm super introverted, socially anxious, I don't talk to people that much in or out of class (But i've been told I'm actually ok at socializing and in college doing a mechanical engineering degree) and i feel like it would be easier to "approach" girls on tinder and then meet up.
Am I right/wrong? how did you start dating?



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  • I guess you could find one, but Tinder wouldn't be my first choice to find a classy girl for a relationship.

    I feel like most of them have exchanged nudes and hooked up with guys on Tinder. Maybe they are in relationship mode when you meet them but how they are with you isn't that great of an indicator of how they were with other guys. The same girl who wants to take things slow with you and insists on not being into hookups could have easily had a bunch of casual encounters before she met you.

    • What would you suggest I do then? I know some people in my school but only one is a female friend and she doesn't really have any other female friends here. I was thinking of using a different dating app?

    • You could still try using Tinder, just be skeptical. Don't automatically believe that a girl is being honest when she has it in her profile that she doesn't do hookups. Guys who are successful at getting laid on Tinder will often attest that a lot of the girls they hooked up with had it in their profile that they weren't the type of girls who are into hookups.

  • Is McDonalds a good way to get started dieting?

    • Hahaha no
      What do you suggest then?

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    • And when I say hobbies I don't mean obscure shit like collecting stamps or coins or some shit, I mean like get involved in social groups and stuff. If your shy, go for it anyway, you'll overcome that shit so quick. Most shy dudes become extroverts really fast, all they need is a kick in the ass and to start doing stuff, like sports, or charities, etc.

    • LOL ok I'll use testicular fortitude and start doing things i guess

  • It's good for hook ups but some have gotten relationships out of it

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