Is this why they won't date me?

Do girls not date me because I know too much about how relationships work? I don't mean to toot my own horn, I don't have a big ego. I just know what my friends have told me. They say I'm great with relationship issues and reading people and I always know when they are lying and stuff like that. Would any girls not date me because of that?

Also, do girls REALLY CARE about looks? I mean if I a guy has a great personality and is a gentleman and everything, can looks be overlooked?

Finally, do girls secretly appreciate chivalry? Things like holding the door and carrying their books and pulling out their chair and stuff like that?


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  • Well I can't speak for all girls so I'll just speak for myself. I wouldn't mind if you knew a lot about relationships and how to deal with issues, etc.

    Looks are what would first attract me with dating in mind, but not in being friends, and once I'm friends with a guy and get to know them, quite often I end up liking them, regardless of their looks.

    I don't secretly appreciate chivalry, I openly appreciate chivalry! I'm just waiting for someone to prove to me that chivalry is not in fact dead.


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  • Maybe, maybe, and sometimes.

    The older one gets, the less superficial they become and the more they are willing to look beyond outward appearances.

    At first, the way you are seems like it would appeal to a lot of girls. Thinking deeper, it's possible they do not feel good enough for you, since you know so much. But if girls won't date you, I think there are some other bigger reasons.

    Lastly, there are lots of girls who like all that chivalrous stuff. Me, personally, sure you can carry my books. My arms hurt today. But... You might as well carry me off bridal-style to the car and open the door for me, handing me a bouquet of flowers while serenading a sweet song. Because if you plan on doing any of those things alone constantly, I'll have to kill you.


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