Ugh... I don't even know how to start -_- (please read it all, I know people like to skip sentences :D)
Okay sooo.. guy meets girl and girl meets guy typical story. I'll keep it as short as I can.
We have same classes together for a whole day (2 days per week). I believe we both feel attraction towards each other (which is good but nvm that now). It's been almost 4 months since we met. We chatted on fb a few times but usually I'm the only one initiating the convo (at least when it comes to chatting). I'm a foreign student my English is alright but my accent is showing from time to time so in person I feel kinda weird around her. I'm really into her but this shyness... omggggg I'm not even a shy person but there's just something about her that makes me tongue-tie and we speak and she asks me something and I just answer with one word sometimes, seeming bored when I actually can't focus what's going through my head because of her. Anyway, we started hugging before saying goodbye about a month ago and I bought her an ice cream cause I owned her a favour for a class task and the way she smiled then just melted me ::33. But apart of that I feel like we are stuck on this :( . Something happened this week when the teacher said something and she said "yes (name) you gotta take it slow" or something like that and i felt like she meant it for us.
Additional information: she's 20 I'm 18, she seemed like 16 when I first saw her which I find extremely cute. I suppose part of my nervousness around her is probably because she's older. We both work and study and it's hard to find a free time ( especially for her cause she's doing more hours) to ask her out, only during the night.( That's if I have the balls to do it).

The best way I can describe our relationship atm is probably just friends. We broke the touching barrier, but some people say that's the first step to the friendzone and I want to have more than that with her :(.

P. S. I think I missed to add a few things... silly me
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