Should I call it a date if I 'like; him, even though I just want to hang out... to make sure he knows I like him. or just hang & tell him I like him?

So e hang out a lot but with other people. i want to hang out alone but he wants to know what i 'want'. i don't 'want' anything but to hang out alone and see how it goes. but he might think i'm just evading and that means i don't like him. i don't want pressure of calling it a date, but i don't want him thinking i don't like him. wish he could just hang out and not worry about what it is.

we've known each other 16 months but only hung out half that time. 3 months when we met and 3 months recently. about 3 times a week. we spent time together alone in the beginning but i didn't know how to go slow, as in i thought either you have sex or don't get involved, and i wasn't ready for sex. so i didn't get involved.

i understand things better now and i want to try again. i don't want to rush but its been over a year so i also don't want to waste time.

do you think i wanna date or hang out?

  • call it a date. you like him. liking and hanging out= date.. not a big deal.. if that scares him move on.
  • call it hanging out. if he needs to know what you want tell him you like him gut you just want to hang out for now.
  • Other.
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  • If it scares him, don't move on just call it a hangout

    • well the thing is i think a date is just hanging out plus liking someone. why would it scare him unless he didn't like me, in which case if i shouldn't waste time.

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    • lol neither do i.

    • So that's what shy guys go tru, if you make the environment comfortable they will be your best date

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