Ok im not the best looking person in the world but im above average I get complimemted on my looks a bit so how come I keep getting stood up by girls?

Im not a cocky "fuck boy" im not a werido or stalker i respect women a lot but as the title says i keep getting stood up by girls. It may be that im not as good looking as i may think but i get complimented on my looks a fair bit just woundered why i always get stood up i have a feeling this Tuesday will be the 4th time in a row.

Amd im not one of these people who think im the greatest person ever either


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  • Girls don't fall in love only by looks. We fall when u capture our hearts. That doesn't mean we expect the guy to be nice and then get mad that he got stood up. We get those type of guys on the daily. So u need to step up ur game, don't bitch about why u getting stood up and instead make yourself more interesting. Do something that girls will be like "umm this one is different"

    • Of course you dont i dont mean that but this time we really seemed to connect we are from the same sort of backgroud as in im a country boy and vice a versa we like the same sort of things i have loads of stories and life experience im in the military and i dont mean to sound full of myself because that is not my intention but i never struggle getting as you call them one night stands but now i would like an actual relationship and it just never seems to be working out

    • Well there is always time, don't take these past experiences determine ur future. Learn from them and you'll see that everything will turn out fine. Just as long as u don't give in to the desperation :) live in the moment and when u see the girl u want to approach then do it. If not then learn from it and try again

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  • Listen dude. There are 5 languages of attraction and only ONE is your words.

    If you notice that something is off about how many seem to reject you then it's probably you giving a bad impression.
    Attraction is very sub conscious. I woman just calculate if she's attracted to you.

    Body language and tone of voice. It really could be a any of the billion stupid things men are doing when talking to a girl. I'll mention one so you'll understand.
    I'll mention two example of the same mistake.

    1. I walked in this corner store. I always go there. This Asian employee just started there. I seen her about 12 times. Enough to be recognized. So I'm walking around and I'm watching this idiot make a fool of himself. She's having a conversation with her, on the surface it looked like "Damn, this guy is bold and she's taking the hook". Then I took a closer look. She kept looking down at her phone and looking around (for an exit) but she's stuck at this cash register so she can't do anything but be very nice. The guy thinks he's got her. He's good looking, came rolling in a sweet ride, etc.
    So I show up behind the guy and say, Hey, let me ring this through right quick and throw a careless "hey" to the girl. Her expression was priceless. She was so happy to see me. lol, she was like "how are you today!" pretending like we talk all of the time. Mainly she did it because she recognized me and wanted this uninteresting guy to go.

    So why did she not like him. He's a foot taller than me, BMW (hotshot!!!), cool tattoo man!, I'm wearing work clothes and I didn't bother to shave for two days. lol

    Simple. When he was taling to her he was leaned way forward with his elbows on the register desk. And she was speaking too quiet so he was leaning forward and back to try to here her. I noticed that straight away. He looked like a little chicken pecking. HAHAHA

    That's BAD body language. By doing that he basically was saying "I'll do anything for you" and "I'm going to bend over backwards to keep this going because I'm not worth it".

    There's about 200 back body language things. Think about what you do that shows bad and see if you can stop it. Even how a guy walks will create attraction or ditch it with women.

  • something wrong with your approach. if you keep getting stood up chances are you're not doing enough to woo the girl/ get her on your side before going for the date. then they say yes with a weak desire to do so and cancel at any excuse that comes up. this doesn't mean spending more time again its the approach. think about it your looks are probably the only thing that are helping you save weak game