Would this get her back? Is There Still Hope?

So me and my ex broke up about a month ago now and We've stopped talking for the last 2 weeks i told her that I didn't want to just be friends with her and that I wasn't gonna talk to her anymore. She got mad and said "don't ever expect a call or text from me ever again" well 2 days ago she texted me and it went like this... Her: "how have you been?" Me: "good" Her: "that's good!! I just wanted to check in on you, goodbye" Me: "just cuz I say I'm ok doesn't mean that I am. Just leave me alone" Her: "same old same old. Sorry, I'll leave you alone now" she also asked one of my coworkers that she knows from school if I was still working where I'm working now but told him not to give me the name of the person who asked (which he did) I know that she has been seeing another guy for about 2 weeks now although I don't think they are officially dating and he might just be a rebound. My therapist (female) said doing no contact would be good because it will make her think about me and miss me and wonder why she isn't getting my attention anymore and will want my attention. She gave me the advise to work on my problems (self esteem issues) and once I'm the new confident me talk to her again and that there's a good chance she'll come back. (Biggest reason we broke up was cuz of arguments that I would cause for no reason cuz I had low self esteem)... do you think this plan could work on getting her back? I mean if she didn't have feelings for me anymore wouldn't she just stop contacting me or wouldn't ask my coworker if I was working there?

Would this get her back? Is There Still Hope?
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