Is there anyway to convince this guy to ask me out?

Okay, so I've liked this guy for awhile, And we have a good thing going. He just thinks I'm adorable, but also seems to be the only person who knows that I'm not all sunshine like most our co-workers seem to think. He on the other hand is what you would call "masculine" ... It's SUCH A PERFECT match, what we lack the other seems to make up for. So far at least. He's witty but a bit pessimistic, I'm optimistic and able to take his jokes.
But the thing is, is that he's 7 years older than me. I'm 18, he's 25. Today he sat with me at lunch for his entire hour (he was only supposed to take a half hour, but he wanted to stay with me, so took an hour.) He admitted he liked me (though I can't recall exactly what brought it up), but then said that he couldn't take me out on any dates, because his license is restricted, so he can only drive to and from work. (he got a DUI, and it didn't really end well.) And also he doesn't care much for the age gap, and pointed out my parents would look down on it. He said HE doesn't care about the age gap though, he said to him it was like nothing "age is just a number" and all that jazz. So the main reason is because he CAN'T take me out on any dates as of now. And I don't drive yet...

BUT YOU SEE! He TOTALLY likes me, but I don't wanna miss this opportunity, Does anyone know how I might be able to change is mind? or should I even TRY to?
Is there anyway to convince this guy to ask me out?
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