Is there anyway to convince this guy to ask me out?

Okay, so I've liked this guy for awhile, And we have a good thing going. He just thinks I'm adorable, but also seems to be the only person who knows that I'm not all sunshine like most our co-workers seem to think. He on the other hand is what you would call "masculine" ... It's SUCH A PERFECT match, what we lack the other seems to make up for. So far at least. He's witty but a bit pessimistic, I'm optimistic and able to take his jokes.
But the thing is, is that he's 7 years older than me. I'm 18, he's 25. Today he sat with me at lunch for his entire hour (he was only supposed to take a half hour, but he wanted to stay with me, so took an hour.) He admitted he liked me (though I can't recall exactly what brought it up), but then said that he couldn't take me out on any dates, because his license is restricted, so he can only drive to and from work. (he got a DUI, and it didn't really end well.) And also he doesn't care much for the age gap, and pointed out my parents would look down on it. He said HE doesn't care about the age gap though, he said to him it was like nothing "age is just a number" and all that jazz. So the main reason is because he CAN'T take me out on any dates as of now. And I don't drive yet...

BUT YOU SEE! He TOTALLY likes me, but I don't wanna miss this opportunity, Does anyone know how I might be able to change is mind? or should I even TRY to?


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  • Ask him out yourself

    • Well but see, it's like I said, I can't drive yet :/ So I'm sorta in the same boat as him as far as going anywhere

    • You can walk around the neighborhood

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  • He must not like you that much if he isn't willing to try and ask you on a date, despite his driving situation. You can still very much date without a car. You guys can walk somewhere after work or whatever. So there's definitely a way around the situation.

    As far as the age gap, 18 and 25 is pretty big just because you're kind of at different stages in your life and you're learning different things. I think he's lying when he says he doesn't care about the age gap. His comments say otherwise. He mentioned something about your parents caring about the age gap, which means if he cares about your parents it means that there's some sort of thought in his head where the age gap isn't exactly acceptable.

    If you really want him to try it out with you, then I say just be honest with him. Tell him what you think and tell him how you feel and then go from there. If he doesn't want to date you after you guys talk, then odds are he isn't worth your time and it's better that you just move on.

    • I think you kinda just hit the nail in the head, because while he was saying that stuff I sorta panicked. Like at first it was kinda like he was testing the waters, but I didn't admit to wanting to go out with him, and I didn't admit to liking him. And then later I was like "Oh I think I should of said that and this..." and yeah, so I'll have to have another sit down with him I guess. You are very wise for a 21 year old.

  • If he likes you it doesn't matter if both of you have a car. You can maybe walk to your date, maybe if it's near your house/you could have a movie night. I guarantee that he will love spending time with you no matter what

    • He doesn't live near my house though, and there isn't much around. We live in a pretty rural area... things are spaced out