So I asked someone out... am I the only one that gets a mixed message from the response?

Elena, I'm so flattered and feel so special just because of your small gifts x I would love to go to dinner with you even though I haven't really gone on dates with girls - I think regardless we should do dinner anyways.
I don't want to let you down or lead you on but it would be as friends since I could use some in my stressful time here in LA. I will
Pay for dinner because this bear was expensive! I can't believe you are so thoughtful. It's beautiful and really helps my spirits! Xoxo


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  • I don't think thats a mixed response, he;s pretty clearly saying he'll pay for dinner but that you guys are going as friends, not love interests

  • yea its kinda confusing

  • He is only interested in you as a friend. Don't look for things that aren't there.

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