Text message flirting?

Guys if you were to get a random text message from a girl flirting wise what would you want it to say?

just curious always looking for ideas


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  • Some nice ones I imagine I'd like to receive:

    "Hey : ) What are you up to?"

    "Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"

    "Give me a call "

    "I was thinking about you. How's it been"

    Etc. I don't have experience in texting girls, but I guess I'd be happy to get anything that just shows interest. Anything that shows in a simple or flirty way that she likes me, cares about me, or wants to hang out/date.

    • Ok and how often ? I don't wanna screw up my chances

    • Depends on how he responds. If he texts you back and keeps asking you questions, and you're both having fun with it, it's good to keep it going a little while. But make sure you're not the one always texting him first; hold back sometimes and if he's interested, he'll also start convos with you. Every day is too much (for me); maybe every other day or every two days or so, but depends on you and the guy.

      And one last thing: calling and actually hanging out is always better. Best of luck.

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