How to get over strong lust/crush?

At first, it was just a crush... but she soon became the most attractive girl in the world in my eyes.

I am not attracted to any other girl in the world.

But She rejected me :(

All I can think about is her having sex with her boyfriend, kissing, touching...

If that wasn't enough, they broke up... So I think about her having sex, dating other guys...

It really hurts my heart a lot :(

She is the most beautiful girl in the world and I will never hold her in my arms... but other guys will :'( I feel so hurt.

It really pains me and is bringing me down. I don't want my heart to hurt anymore.


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  • how long has it been for you in this state?

    • It comes and goes sometime, but about a year

    • find a way to end those feelings because can last years. 7 years for me!

    • I just can't seem to find a way :(

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  • Thiso is actually better than dating her, getting a glimpse of spending the rest of your life together, telling her you want to marry her and then catching her with and other guy in your house.

    It could be worse, I've been there. It hurts, you will get over her, just don't play rebound, they never work out and hurt you or the other person. I did that too, the next girl that showed me interest in just went with, even when I didn't have feelings for her, stayed with heR for like 10 years before I realized I had went so low that I just accepted anything because I felt I would never be happy.

    I am happy now by the way, just take a step back, get your life in order and things will happen.

    • Thank you, Maybe I have to improve my confidence again.. because I wouldn't care if she cheats... Which is bad...

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  • Wow, bruh you had been in a deep stage of being in love

    • I did... Love is a powerful emotion

  • Well it's only because at first you held her so highly in your mind.. The rejection only left you receding further into your cerebrum. You break free. That's it honestly.

    • Yeah, could be I have a high mental image of her

  • just by time