I fucked up SO SO bad with a girl I am dating, I need outside insight please (will make it short)?

This all started 2 weeks ago when my ex texted me that she misses me after 5 months of no contact. I told her i missed her too because i did. We decided to meet on that weekend but still nothing was clear about wether we were dating or just friends. On the "date" we talked for hours straight and cuddled, held hands and she sat on my lap and everything was fine but we didn't kiss. After midnight we went to my place and smoked a blunt and then talked for a few more hours and cuddled and watched a movie in bed but still no make out. She ends up going home at around 3 am (we met at 5 pm).

Thats not where the problem starts, that just background info to show u how far me and her are since getting back together.

Fast forward 2 weeks, and its yesterday. Me and my friends are organized a party since my friend was home alone and we invited a bunch of people and one of these people said they will be bringing around 10 girls and we agreed that we won't invite that many girls since he is bringing his. I invited my ex/friend/ girlfriend i dont even know what to call her, and she said she will come around at 11 pm.

the dude who bragged about bringing 10 girls shows up late and says he "told the girls to leave". At that point i was already high because i was hanging out with my friends since 8 pm, so i didn't realize that this meant that my girlfriend would be coming adn she will be the only girl and she doesn't really know anyone at the party except for me. She came at 11 and words can't describe how awkward everything unfolded. First of all, i was unable to think straight let alone walk. I went to say hi and hug her and i ended up falling asleep on her shoulder. She talked to everyone at the party for around 30 mins about completly random shit and everything was getting more and more awkward at some point i told her to come with me i wanna talk to her alone. We went into a room and this is where i fucked up, i asked her if we are friends or more. She said we are friends...
I fucked up SO SO bad with a girl I am dating, I need outside insight please (will make it short)?
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