Why do guys show intrest in you and then just stop talking to you and replying to all your texts?

So I started talking to this guy when i started dating another guy and so the guy was saying that he could treat me better than the other guy and a month passed and i broke up with tje guy that i was dating and then i started liking the guy that i started talking to. After a few weeks me and the guy were talking non stop. Then he just wouldn't reply. he would wait like 2 or more days.


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  • Ugh I hate when guys do this. If I were you, I'd forget about him. A guy that's for real would never just stop talking out of the blue.

  • Maybe he's busy, and he's seeing other girls aswell.

    • Not everyone texts back immediately. I'm terrible at that. I think to myself "I'll text them back in a second" then get doing something and completely forget. Sometimes I even forget to read the text. I just see their name come up.
      It does sound like there are other girls too though, but he still wants you as an option.

  • he is playing you