It looks like she has been bombed with nuclear bomb, is it so powerful if she sees other women flirting with you?

She used to flirt with other dudes, and basically did not care what I felt,

Now, she saw that women were all over me and coming and sitting with me.

So now, this woman acts like a ultra-conservative woman, who doesn't flirt with anyone but acts like an innocent kitten and acts like a totally loyal woman who has eyes only for me.

Im done with this woman, although, i just want to know, is it so powerful when a woman takes u for granted and then she sees other women drooling all over you, and she starts to purr like a kitten and basically act like a loyal woman?

  • Yeah its powerful, its called pre-selection and she thinks if that woman finds him attractive, there must be something special about this guy. Her attraction level increases because you are desired by other women who blow off other guys and come and sit with u and flirt with u infront of everyone.
  • Nah, it doesn't have any effect.
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  • ıt doesn't have any effects


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