Question for ugly guys, how does your own appearance influence on what women you are attracted to? Do you find ugly girls attractive?

Or you also find hot girls the most attractive but being aware of your own looks, you decide you have to settle with something average and below average looking?

  • I find hot girls the most attractive but settle down for average/ugly ones because that's the best I can get
  • I am attracted to average/ugly girls more than beautiful/hot girls
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  • I just have to compensate by having lots of money. Sure she's using me for money but it sure better than not getting laid.

    • Lol, true tho, better sleep with a hottie gold digger than an ugly true love

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    • Let's for take care for, the starving kids around the world then we can start donating to ugly people

    • Was that a joke?

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  • ıt doesn't influence

  • Average looking girls with special set of personality traits are more acceptable to me.

  • Most men who are ugly cannot dream of getting an attractive girl so they won't find her attractive. Instead they will prefer girls who are average in looks because they are obtainable.

    • Hmm, that's what I'm trying to figure out, but it's different to settle for something because you know your own value and different not to find not ones attractive and find ugly ones more attractive...