3 of the guys I find attractive in school asked me out (all in the range of a week), which one should I go for?

Guy A: I was late for class and in a hurry so i accidentally dropped my stuff and broke my water bottle, he helped me get my stuff off the floor. next day he sat next to me in the bus and started talking to me. he asked me out (indirectly) within a week and i told him i'm tried and id rather sleep. we've been friends for almost 2 months now.

Guy B: on my first day in school the teacher made us partners and we started talking, he's funny and cute. he asked if i wanted to go to the schools Halloween haunted house with him but something ended up happening so we didn't. he smiles and flirts with me a lot but never really asked me out.

Guy C: he's in my fitness class, i caught him staring at me few times but thought it was normal. He first complimented me after the schools concert (i'm in the choir) and then talked by saying "what sup" and smiling whenever i saw him. i was once walking alone in the hallway cause i don't have a lot of friends to sit with during lunch, he walked up to me and hung out with me a few other times. he offered to show me around town cause i recently moved here. which one should i go for?


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  • Friendzone guy A
    Date guy B
    Hookup with guy C

  • Flip a coin
    2x head- guy 1
    1 head/1 tails- guy 2
    2x tails- guy 3

  • The one that is the smartest


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