No hookup profile from online dating's guy, is he a liar?

dating with one guy, knew him from date app for a week, in the second date, he told me he just broke up with his ex early this year, then he started to use date app and gave a try.
I looked for users by searching his username in the app, found similar username, I thought ''wait a minute, the profile pics look like same person, they have same age and location', then I found a profile he previously used, from the summary description, I guess he started to build it four years ago, last online time is early last year.

Actually, he asked me before why I used this app, he said he doesn't want to hook up, that he wants conversation, accompany relationship, and see things where it goes. But he did ask me some intimacy questions, then he said, never mind, maybe it wasn't appropriate time. We did make out in the second date. He texted me everyday but without calls, i feel like he doesn't have interest to know my better.

At this moment, I have no idea, is he a liar, he actually just wants to hookup.


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  • Listen to your guts.
    Obviously there's something he's doing that makes you doubt about his intentions.

    Does he try to get to know you more?
    Take you out to nice/fun places?
    Ask you how your day been, what you up to?
    Does he do thoughtful things/gestures that make you think 'this guy really likes me!' ?

    Like try to see if your guy cares for you.
    Make out during the first/second/third date doesn't really matter.
    If a guy really likes a girl, when you two have sex won't that matter to him. so don't put a lot stress thinking about how soon you two hooked up.

    Trying to see how he treats you.


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  • No doubt, like others, he just uses the date app to score quickly! Certainly he is lying, since he has had the app for years.


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