How do I get a guy to go public with me?

Guys I meet always want to hide me and keep me a secret from people that's including their friends , my friends and family. Each time I meet a guy they always use the same line like " I don't like people in my business" , or "let's keep this between us" or "don't tell nobody that we talk" shit like that. & I just wonder to myself why I keep meeting the same guys in different bodies that tell me the same exact thing & I can't help but think they are either ashamed of me , have other girls there talking to or even worse a actual girlfriend. I no I'm not ugly , in fact I'm very pretty with a nice shape and dress well and I carry myself respectfully with grace and don't have a rep of getting around or something that's why I'm confused as to why these guys at my school in college don't want to go public or at least acknowledge that they talk to me. & it really makes me feel bad because I don't deserve this treatment plus I want to be shown off for once because I was never shown off by a guy before. I don't know what to do or what vibes I'm giving off that makes these guys think it's ok to treat me like that? How do I get a guy to go public with me? & claim me as a girlfriend or something?
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How do I get a guy to go public with me?
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