Guy's help!!! If a guy is lying to you would he be very descriptive in his text on why he's not following through with his plans?

Guys comment please!!!


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  • Possibly yes. He could be using the extra details to make a lie seem more believable. It's really hard to say without more information, though.

    • Like what information?
      I mean he always sends me detailed messages though

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    • I don't get why people would do this?

      He told me he cared for me and didn't want to hurt me

    • I don't get it either. Some people are just jerks. His idea of not hurting you is just avoiding the situation (and you). You have to just let it go. I'm sorry.

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  • Creative fabrication is fabrication nonetheless. Some guys are more creative than others, just like some girls are. Let's examine a couple of things you said and see where the facts lead.

    You mention you have a top at his house; true enough that you know where you left it, but that doesn't mean it's still there. He could have chucked it 10 minutes after you left and there's no way you'd know that. So on that aspect, you can't *count* on the fact the top is still there; it's allegedly there.

    You also mention he's friendly and waves/smiles, etc. In public, if his job is social, he won't project anything other than geniality; to be seen otherwise reduces his status, no matter what he thinks of you.

    So now, we must look at his actions. It's true (from what you've said) that at one point he was very interested in you, or at least enough to pursue some romance. However, people's feelings change quickly these days. The fact he sends you these detailed messages may just be the businessperson in him trying to dot every "i" and cross every "t". He's thorough and doesn't want to be rude, but he doesn't know how to tell you he's not interested anymore. He hopes you'll get the hint if he sends enough messages.

    Only you know for sure what's going on, because you're much closer to the situation than we are, but that's my first best guess. I'm not saying there's anyone else in his life - it could be he just decided he didn't want anything further at this point, for his own reasons. There's no way for me to determine that, to be honest.

    • He was always throughout with his texts with me though

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    • That's why you have to pin him down. If you get an excuse, just walk away. You'll be doing yourself a favor. A top and a work shirt are a small price to pay for the learning experience.

    • What do you mean?

  • We don't know who you are, why don't you explain in more detail?

    • What do you mean? There isn't one instance its just that he makes up excuses or reason why he's busy and can't see me. He says he's busy and tells me why he's busy

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    • Really? The shirt and acknowledging me at work seriously honestly matter?

    • Or can it be that he still likes me because he did answer me every time i texted him?
      Besides I also asked him if he still liked me through text and he didn't say no (but then he didn't say yes eighter), would he have told me if it was no?

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