I really need some advice.. should I move on?

Okay so a little less than a year ago I got involved with someone and it got fast quick. We clicked and we were already talking about a serious relationship after just a few days. Well I got scared off and ran for the hills a little bit after that. Fast forward a few months and I posted a fb status and they messaged me because it was about missing someone. Well again it was like this magnetic connection and we were back on but it was pretty rocky for awhile and it ended but we were in love, the first person I had ever been in love with. Well yeah it ended because again I was too scared and this type of relationship continued for awhile. Well now its November and I am still so in love and I want a good healthy relationship. We haven't even talked since August but its like an everyday broken heart and it was all my fault and im like move on, everyone move on. I don't want to move on so should I try to make it work? It might not even work, but I feel like I can't live like this. We had everything in common, we wanted everything the same (life goals). Am I being unfair in this? Like I feel like I keep reeling someone in who I should let move on.. I am just causing heartbreak for everyone, but I feel like this could be forever. Any advice?

  • You're being unfair, move on
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  • You have to take it slow, if you come at him too much, then you'll seem like a psycho. Take it slow, I know that's hard to do since you guys are used to moving fast, but try to take this slow, and maybe he'll come around, if he doesn't move on, but if he does, then great.


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  • You've probably gave this man so much heartache, but I feel like you should still go for it. But first you need to know weather or not this is something you want before you jump back in. Good luck!

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