Why do girls say they'd date me then turn me down when I do?

Almost every girl that I've known has described me as "perfect boyfriend material," and most of them have told me that they'd date me, but when I'd ask them out, they'd say something along the lines of "I don't want to hurt you" or "you deserve someone better." What gives?

I understand they'd probably rather have me as a friend and they're just saying things like that to make me feel better, especially since I'm really insecure about that kind of stuff because of how many people have asked me out as a joke before.


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  • it's honestly the girl. ur not their type. ur the perfect guy that every girl wants to have but not every girl is sexually attracted to. trust me she will get sick of the douche bags she's sexually attracted to sooner or later and look for someone who makes her happy that's where guys like u come in.

  • Maybe because they dont see any flaws in you and don't see them as adequate partners for you or maybe they see an issue in a future relationship with you


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