Why Would She Set Me Up With This Guy?

I have been hanging out with this girl from work for a few weeks now. I thought she was a good friend until she set me up with this guy. She swears that he's a good guy but now she's saying I should see other guys because she doesn't see him committing to anyone. So why in the fuck would she set me up with this guy? I'm upset because I want someone who wants a relationship and I have already dealt with enough broke loser fuck boys!


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  • Relax, she probably didn't know he was going to turn out this way. Maybe he kept bothering her about setting you two up and she felt like she owed him. Point is, I'm sure she went into it with he best intentions for everyone.

    • Oh please she talks to him every day. She knows what he's like.

  • You've only known her for a few weeks. There are people out there that DONT want to see others happy. Maybe she just got her heart broken recently, really hard to say, you have to get to know her a little better, just be cautious around her.

    • She has a boyfriend. One that she calls husband as a matter of fact.

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