She doesn't like me right?

I'm pretty sure this girl doesn't like me, but at the same time, I always have my doubts, and just need another person to confirm that she doesn't.

I met this girl in one of my college classes, the first few I saw her, she would look at me across the room, smile, try to talk to me etc. Then, one day, she asked me to sit next to her. Asked about me, me about her, she was playful, twirling hair, giggley, and we shared contact info. Talked a little bit more via text, found out more ab each other etc. Next day, comes in, wants me to sit by her again, then I said how my hair was messy, so she started fixing my own hair. She again, was very flirty, talkative, touchy, giggley, so, I tried to ask her out... 3 times in fact. First two were "busy" but I always lived by a 3 strike rule if it wasn't a direct no. Last time she said "busy" and she was "talking to someone". I counted my strikes, and moved on.

She still talks to me, and jokes a little, but backs off on being flirty. Instead, she sits next to another guy in the class (and has ever since), and starts doing the same thing she did to me. Occasionally talking to me and looking over. At this point, I just thought she was a flirt, and marked it off. Time passes, little contact compared as before, and then I go out of state. When I'm out of state, she's SUPER flirty, saying I looked so much different (I had a different style I guess on vacation). Then, she kept sending me snaps, asking to "wife her" jokingly. I get back, confused, because she's acting flirty again... then she goes back to being cold, as SOON as I get back.

More time passes, and she is still hanging out with the other guy. I see the two of them having lunch together, and since they have been talking/flirting, I ship them as a package. However, she never posts pictures of them, and she denied my Instagram request... so I don't know. Now, she occasionally looks over, seems to flirt, then talks to him.

What game is this? Is she just a tease, stringing me along?
She doesn't like me right?
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