Are most of women on kik Fake?, in online relationship is it always catfishing?

Well i am honestly out of luck, i want to get to know genuine people and friends, know them, but most of time on my kik i received friend request from cam girls, girls who just want sex its big turn off.


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  • not all online relationship is about catfishing... besides; if you think you're catfished there are many ways to find out

    • Well this one girl i was talking and was attached to, we talked for like 2-3 years, on hangout, email, kik etc, she sent many photos of her which she said its of her, but never gave her cell number, talked on video call, last she told me was she has enrolled as law student at georgetown university, now for many days months, no reply, nothing from her side, though i am sending her email, because honestly i do miss her

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    • hmm no call or videocall make it seem like she was a catfish
      you're welcomed

    • Thanks for comment zombiebabe

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  • Well I don't know cause I only kik people I actually know. But I assume maybe most are men pretending to be chicks, some might be girl's, but I've heard hella stories about guy's doing this. If I were you I wouldn't kik random people. Find friend's elsewhere.


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  • They're not cam girls. That's a common scam on kik. They tell you to go watch them on a website and if you go to it, you realise you have to sign up and pay for it.

    • It's just to make you pay the website. Scam robots.

    • So is kik totaly useless and fake site?

    • It's useful to talk to people you already know but there are better apps out there now. Line app for example that's what I use. I'll add you if you want. Pm me. I'm a good bloke, I'll be your friend mate.

  • That's why you should avoid any social media when it comes to dating. They are absolutely fake.

    • Yes honestly it doesn't work, lot of bad people, woman out there

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