My ex contacted me back and I shut him off... What do I do now?

I dated a colleague during summer, we were talking about being serious, he wanted me to meet his parents, I met his friends, he presented himself to my grandma (my parents live overseas). But mid September, I got into huge trouble (family, disease, college, friends) it was hell for me and he got busy at that exact time which made me so mad because I felt like he was being distant on purpose that he wanted to dump me. We had several huge fights and he told me he was ok to be friends with me but that it was over. I tried so hard to make up for this but it didn't work. I was depressed as fuck and told him I would never want to see him again.
Few weeks later, I asked him if he wanted to get past through this and spend time with me. He said yes and asked me if we could see each other that same day. I got so excited I prepared dinner and bought him chocolates. He cancelled last minute saying he had no choice because of exams. I reacted cool but I was so disappointed. I tried to ask him out that same week and he replied that it was not that he didn't want to it was because he was very busy. I replied that it was bullshit again that if he really wanted to see me he could since we're practicly neighbours. I got no response. Then I met other guys, nothing serious, I was quite disappointed and he has been trying to talk to me at work for about three weeks, but I ignored him quite in a cold way. Few days ago, I asked him on facebook if he wanted to tell me something, he didn't even see it and then I sent him a drunk text saying he was "a big poop" anyway lmfao I can't believe I wrote that.
But anyway, he keeps seeing my grandma and I feel so stupid that I didn't get to talk to him when I got the chance.
What do I do now? he is not the type to use his phone. Even when I dated him I would ask him if he wanted to go out, he wouldn't reply I would panick and tell my friends he was about to dump me then he would show up with groceries and making dinner at my place.
My ex contacted me back and I shut him off... What do I do now?
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