What do you think of this girl? I am in love. So?

Hi everyone. i need your help guys. I am crushing on girl. i am from india and arrived year and half back to australia and i live with my relatives. I fell in love with girl who were in family friends of my relatives. She has been raised here in australia. She has recently finished year 12 and i am into uni. We have not really communicated at all. I sent her follow request on insta she did accept it. But i was expecting bit more. Expecting that she would follow me back since she does know me. but she didnot. I sent her text but that was not seen. I tried fb but she maybe she is not using it. I mean i sent her request for 2 days and then cancelled it. last week was my 21st birthday. She did came with her family. I said hi and she wished me happy birthday with smile. She was having fun on dance floor as well. I too was enjoying myself. So there is no way that i would not have been noticed. i really like her. So what should i do?

Girls your opinions?
I mean what would you do if you are in my place. Or what would be your feelings if you are girl


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  • She doesn't really seem to be interested in you. You could try telling her how oyu feel I guess.


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  • Girls like that are I'd say you gotta push. While she was at the birthday party you should see how her life is and ask to hang out, get her number and etc. obviously she's not busy and starting to play games. So before you say she enjoys the birthday party and you hanging out. Stop! She loves the attention. That's it. So next time you see her person get her phone number or ask her to hang out. If she says no, or she don't know when she's available. its bullshit and sorry but ditch her. Cause she's obviously not interested back. Don't argue just accept it

    • I dont wanna appear desparate. So any other idea?

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    • If she's not reciprocating let her go. Like now, I'm at work ( cook at a dinner ) and even I'm putting forth the effort to see if your question gets answered. She's not interested. You need someone who will put forth jus as much effort. No human is busy 24/7. If there across seas, been killed or parents passed away then we can see. But dude. Two options

      1) let her go, find someone else. You'll always like someone but may not return the favor.

      2) text her again on a social site she use often and see where it goes.

    • Thinking of the second one. First time i texted hi. So what should i text now?

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  • lmao, no chance for you bro. never ever text or do online stuff.

  • where's the pic of her?

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