She seem interested in me but asked me to try dating app. Is she joking or serious?

So we went out and had a good time. She played my phone and saw my ex's photo. She kept asking about it and then I said we knew each other from dating app.

She seem to be bothered by that a little but ok afterwards. She still touches me such as pull or poke my cheek. She took photos of us and posted them, I normally don't see her posting other guys.

When we got back, we texted a little and she randomly told me to try some better dating app cos the one I used sucked. I'm not sure if she is serious or just joking.

So what does that means? Is she just jealous or is she seriously telling me to go for other dates instead?


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  • Why would you keep your ex's photo in your phone when you're trying to move on and date another girl? Lol bud cmon


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  • She's tryna startle you, stay true to your course brother, keep insisting you wanna get into em panties