When does a woman deactivates/takes off her social profile like facebook etc,?

What it means when a woman just deactivates her fb after the entry of some dude in her life. ?

I mean, she never used to deactivate her fb , but suddenly she told me about this guy that she has a crush on, and now she deactivates her fb regularly.

What could it mean?

  • It means she has found the guy she wants and doesn't feel the need to find any other dudes to date, she has found her dream man.
  • It means she needs to study and focus on other things in life.
  • Others (yours comments are appreciated)
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  • Studying. I do it every couple years at random during those stressful times. I've never heard of anyone deactivating it for a lover though hm.


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  • I could see her deactivating something if she was on a dating site or something like that but not a Facebook account.
    She might be deactivating her FB and other accounts to avoid negative comments or comments about her relationship.
    I've had friends that have done that to avoid drama or let things cool down before they came back.

    • Nah bro, her fb profile is not so active , she doesn't have many guys in her profile ,

      Do u think it could be that dude because she deactivated it? i mean that dude is good looking and rich and she has insane crush on him, could it be him? that she doesn't want to meet anyone now?

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    • Why wouldn't she want that guy to not to see her fb page?
      Or maybe deep down she found the man of her dreams and not interested in any other dude?

    • She might have pics or other stuff on her profile that she doesn't want him to see.
      Maybe she doesn't, but some people use that as a reason to hide it.

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  • When she wants to.

    • But why?

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    • Or maybe that guy?

  • the second one

    • But she never did it earlier, why after that dude showed up in her life?

  • I think she just want to focus on school and other stuff.

    • But she never deactivated that earlier, why after that dude showed up?

    • I dont know I deactivated my account when I wanted to be alone and my friends deactivated when they r studying,

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