How do I get to know him?

There's this guy in my new school who is in sophomore year (I'm a freshman) that I've found interest in. He's one of the best players on the hockey team, meaning that he's kinda popular. Whenever I spot him around we just about always make eye contact, but I've never talk to him. I would like to get to know him but I'm afraid of three things.

1. Rejection
2. He's going to think I'm weird
3. He's going to think I'm ugly and weird, and will tell his group of friends about it.

I've never talked with a guy I've found interest, so I'm incredibly afraid of getting him thinking I'm ugly. Especially because he has so many gorgeous girls as his friends.

If you've got any advice I'll be happy to listen to it. Thank you!

How do I get to know him?
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