Office crush. Ready for disaster or something amazing?

So I got promoted at my job a few months ago. So far I love my job and I'm so happy! Ever since I started working there like about 2 years back before I got promoted to a better job I've had a big crush on one of the guys that work there. Whenever I got promoted I didn't know I was going to be working with him on the same department. He's a little older like about 7 years older than iam. I've never dated or been with someone older than I. I've had bad luck when it comes to relationships. He's been there for me through good and bad and continues too, we have hugged in his office and just that. Recently though we hugged a lot more longer and we even kissed. He's asked me out many times all all those times I have not I have rejected him if that's the word. lol I know mean. But the reason I've done so it's because I've heard bad RUMORS about him at work. That he's a player and only wants to have sex with women and younger ones and then leaves them and talks bad about them to the whole workplace. Even people who I work closely with have said to be careful and not believe everything I hear, and some people think we are dating it's going around already that we are Anyways I have a big crush I'm starting to like him a lot and he told me that he really likes me too and continues insisting we get to know each other outside of work and hang out. I'm afraid that he won't take me seriously and I'll end up like the rest of the women on his list. A slight issue here is that I kind of sort of work for him. He has a big name in the company and that's another reason why I've been careful and rejecting his invites. It sucks I know , I didn't know then what he was and now that I know ir sucks! Because it's like if he's prohibited but we both want to be together. After these stupid rumors though I'm not sure on his side if he even wants something serious with me or just mess around if you know what I mean.. should I finally accept? Or continue rejecting his invitation?
Office crush. Ready for disaster or something amazing?
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